Carbon 60

Carbon 60 may be known to be the most POWERFUL in neutralizing free radicals!

Neutralize Free Radicals and Eradicate Many Health Issues?

Is this the next Fountain of Youth?

All Life on Earth is Carbon based.


Our physical body is made up of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon. Carbon molecules are atomic in size and this gives them the mobility to venture out and magnetically attach and neutralize mutated cells.

A Carbon 60 molecule is made up of 60 carbon atoms arranged into a cage-like hollow sphere, and resembles the pattern on a soccer ball. Associated names are also:  Buckminsterfullerene, C60, fullerenes, and also because of its soccer ball shape it's called, buckyballs.

Although the Carbon-60 molecule is extremely very small in size, it delivers a large amount of carbon surface area. The tiny size of each non-clustered (mono molecular) Carbon 60 molecule provides an extreme amount of carbon surface area and this allows the super effectiveness of each individual molecule.

Specifically the C-60 is the only molecule that can share one or two electrons 20 times on each tiny molecule. This process of sharing its electrons enables the Carbon 60 molecule to “repair “damaged molecules. These “damaged” molecules are referred to as free radicals. The Carbon 60 molecule is a free radical scavenger and is very similar to a superior antioxidant. 

Carbon 60 is used as an antioxidant, and to eliminate toxins from our bodies. Recent studies show a link to Carbon 60 (C60) for better health, increased strength and extending the function of our bodies.

Excess inflammation in our body can contribute to and cause a number of diseases, and inflammation is involved in 8 of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States.

The Carbon 60 molecule was discovered in 1985 and each molecule is extremely tiny.  100,000 Carbon-60 molecules can sit on the width of a single human hair!  The reason Carbon-60 works, is that the single molecules of the Carbon-60 can share one or two electrons. It can share these one or two electrons about 20 times on each C-60 molecule - a free radical is a “damaged” molecule missing an electron. The single Carbon-60 molecule has the ability to "magnetically" search out and attach itself to a “damaged” molecule by sharing one of its' electrons. Once these damaging free radicals are repaired, they no longer effect the area around them.


C60 studies showed results so profound that most people think they are fraudulent - C60 Oil has dramatically increased the life spans of rats by 90%.

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